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Holotome Profile: Derenzar
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 1
Type Draco-Titan
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 210 pounds
Series Information
Users Suits (TCG)
First Appearance SAS-079
Derenzar is a blue, reptilian Draco-Titan that is easily invoked but has been known to turn on its owner. It is an exception to the general rule of Draco-Titans being noble and chivalrous.


Derenzar was once invoked by one of DeFoe's French Suits but quickly turned on him. Sophie Casterwill explained this was normal behaviour for a Derenzar Titan. SAS-079


Derenzar lacks a defense power and his unruly behavior makes him a serious risk to invoke and more of a loss for his Seeker than their enemies.


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  • Derenzar was unlocked on with the code ymir689.
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