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"Divide and Conquer"
Season 1, Episode 06
S1E06 Lok Cherit Freelancer Redcap.jpg
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"Crawling the Catacombs"
"The Legacy of Thor"
Production Information
Air date UK: January 09, 2009
US: February 07, 2009
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "L' anello di Giovanna d'Arco"
Series Information
Mission Joan of Arc's Ring
Locations Cathedral of Notre Dame
Paris Catacombs
New Information
Characters Clements
Titans Jokoul
Spells Banebound
Items Reliquarium

Paris, France

Lok and the Huntik team have found Joan of Arc's hiding place and follow her notes to find the powerful Ring of the Arc. The Professor, evil leader of the Organization, is on their trail, thanks to DeFoe, his henchman. A race against the clock to find the ring starts. The Huntik team wins but they find out that the ring is cursed and the Organization is getting closer and closer.


Dante Vale, Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, and Zhalia Moon must navigate the catacombs and get the cursed ring to a Huntik safehouse before thirty minutes pass or the Organization will manage to take control of the ring for evil purposes. While attempting to escape, Lok finds clues similar to those is in his father's journal.


Sophie binds the Ring of Arc’s curse with a Banebound spell, but the spell will only last about thirty minutes. The team has to get it to a Huntik Foundation specialist before the curse can harm anyone else Unfortunately, DeFoe has called on every Suit in Paris to block the exits from the catacombs so that he’ll be sure to get the prize! Zhalia provides fake copies of the Ring using her disguise kit, and the group splits up having a ring each. Doing so improves their chances of escaping with the real Ring. While they each make their way, Lok finds a case with some archaeology tools while another locked case that Springer opens is found to have some kind of map.

Even with all their efforts, one by one, they’re all captured. When DeFoe gloats over his prize, Dante reveals that none of them were carrying the real Ring of Arc! Dante gave it to Gareon, who sneaked out of the catacombs invisibly. DeFoe retreats, and, back at Organization headquarters, the mysterious Rassimov tells him that the Professor is furious. DeFoe has beens suspended from his duties and is lucky to have not been "terminated" by the Professor yet. In Defoe's secret laboratory, he swears vengeance on Dante Vale in a fit of rage.


  • Lok and Cherit discover the words "Liberty, equality, brotherhood" which refers to the French national motto "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" that found its origins in the French revolution.
  • In Italy, this episode is titled L' anello di Giovanna d'Arco (The Ring of Joan of Arc).


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