Holotome Profile: Divine Mirror Kagami
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Yama-Titan
Special Ability Can reflect enemy abilities
Series Information
Users Stack
First Appearance "Knight of the Willblade"
Last Appearance "Zhalia's Mission"
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Divine Mirror Kagami is a floating mirror Titan in the possession of Wilder. Later, Stack used Divine Mirror Kagami as well. Kagami's Amulet was found by Hoffman and Eathon the dog at Japan in a cave at the Chu-Goku Mount.


Divine Mirror Kagami's Amulet was found underground at the Chu-Goku Mount in Japan by Eathon, the Professor´s dog, who was in the care of Hoffman. This Titan was said to hold the potential to defeat Dante's team, thus being assumed by the Organization to be a rare and powerful Titan. S2E30

Divine Mirror Kagami's Amulet, upon being retrieved, was then given to Wilder. Kagami was camouflaged with Stack's Hidesight spell in order to ambush Dante Vale's team by using its ability to reflect the Stonegaze ability of King Basilisk back at Dante and King Basilisk. Wilder later used Kagami's ability upon entering the cave containing the Willblade, using the ability of Dendras against Lok Lambert's other Titans. S2E30

Wilder used Kagami again, this time at the Road of Alchemists in Prague, Czech Republic to stop Lok, Sophie and Cherit from finding information on Void. Though the three was captured, they later were freed by the Huntik Foundation and the Casterwills. S2E31

Another member of the Organization, Stack, has been given possession of the Divine Mirror Kagami's Amulet used by Wilder to help infiltrate the Blood Spiral. Stack attempted to use Kagami's ability against Medusa, but Medusa's Stonegaze ability did not turn her to stone when reflected back. S2E35


Divine Mirror Kagami is able to reflect a Titan's ability or a Seeker's spell to use against the opponent. This ability is quite useful against the controlling ability of Dendras and the Stonegaze ability of King Basilisk S2E30 However, Kagami's ability is only able to block, not reflect, the similar Stonegaze ability of Medusa. S2E35


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  • Divine Mirror Kagami's summoning command is "Appear."
  • Divine Mirror Kagami is based on the "Yata no Kagami," a sacred mirror of the Imperial Regalia of Japan believed to represent truth and honesty. The word kagami in Japanese romaji means mirror.
  • The inability of Divine Mirror Kagami to redirect Medusa's Stonegaze ability alludes to Greek mythology in which Medusa's ability had no effect when it was reflected of a shiny surface. This would allow Kagami to block her ability but not completely redirect it.
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