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Holotome Profile: Doberman
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 5
Type Litho-Titan Warrior
Special Ability Safe Defense
Series Information
Users Hoffman
First Appearance "An Ally from the Organization"
Doberman is a dog-like Titan in the possession of Hoffman. He dons an armor made of pure obsidian decorated with bronze adornments whilst wielding a long spear. Doberman is a strong fighter with pure energy sparkling in his eyes.


Doberman was summoned by Hoffman to defend the Professor's castle against the Dante Vale's Team. He fought alongside Eathon the dog's two Undergolem Titans against Lok Lambert's Powerbonded Baselaird and Grier's Megataur. He was hit by a lot of rocks before being defeated by Baselaird. S2E46.


Doberman can move extremely fast allowing him to run back and defend his Seeker if necessary. He can maneuver his spear with great skill and accuracy. His physical strength is a match for many of his foes. His thick suit of obsidian means he is able to withstand a vast number of attacks. S2E46


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  • Doberman's summoning command is "Howl."
  • A Doberman is a breed of domestic dog commonly used as a guard dog.
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