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"Doorway to Huntik"
Season 2, Episode 27
S2E27 Dante Zhalia Sophie Lok run.png
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"The Mission"
"The Tower of Nostradamus"
Production Information
Air date UK: April 16, 2012
US: April 21, 2013
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Il portale su Huntik"
Series Information
Mission Fate of the Father
Locations Nexus
South American Forest, Peru
New Information
Characters Hoffman
Titans Dark Dryad (unnamed)
Elf King Oberon
Januseea the Gatekeeper
Raijin the Thunderbolt
Powerbondings Powerbonded Baselaird
Powerbonded Kipperin
Spells Clatterbang
Overslam (unnamed)

The Professor's castle, Czech Republic

After overcoming many difficult obstacles, the Huntik team, composed by Lok, Dante, Sophie, Zhalia, and Cherit, found the ancient Amulet of Will and two of the three Legendary Titans. They stormed the Professor's castle to challenge the Professor for the final one. Together, they defeated the evil Organization and learned the last known location of Lok's father from the Professor.


Lok and the team travel to the South American waterfall where Eathon Lambert was last seen. There they discover both a new threat and a new source of clues.


Organization Central

The Huntik Team infiltrate Organization Central, the Organization's main base, to look for information about Eathon Lambert. Zhalia goes to the terminal while Dante, Lok, and Sophie hold off the suits. While the Huntik Team do battle, Wilder, the new leader of the Organization, along with Stack are alerted to and observe the fighting. Wilder decides to confront the team that defeated the Professor in order to secure his place at the top of the Organization. Zhalia manages to locate the file on Eathon Lambert and his whereabouts. Using Gareon, she joins the rest of the team in escaping.

The Mission

While at school, Dante contacts Lok and Sophie to say that the Huntik Foundation Council and Zhalia have worked out from the Organization's file that Eathon Lambert's last known whereabout was in South America. They then fly to Peru and look for the waterfall told by the Professor where Eathon Lambert disappeared while fighting the Professor.

A New Organization

Upon arriving and parachuting down, they are attacked by Wilder, Stack, Hoffman, and their Suits. Their parachutes torn, Dante and Sophie use Featherdrop and Bubblelift spells, respectively. Sophie's bubble burst by a Poisonfang spell, Zhalia and Lok hasten their descents to join the rest of the team on the ground.

The Organization Suits summon Venomaster and Gigadrone Titans. Lok summons Kipperin to find that the bond between the two has increased substantially to unlock the Powerbonding ability. Caliban and Raijin the Thunderbolt are also summoned, by Dante and Lok respectively, to do battle. Meanwhile, Sophie, Zhalia, and Gareon are in their own battle against the Suits. By this time, Sophie and Zhalia are able to fight in synch with each other. All the while, Wilder and Stack watch from a distance, planning to destroy the Huntik team so that they can take over the Organization.

The Nexus

The team reaches the waterfall where Eathon disappeared years ago, and Sophie senses a strong Seeker energy inside. As they approach, vine tendrils emerge from the cliff face, the result of Dark Dryad, an Organization Titan belonging to Stack. Cherit confirming a cave behind the waterfall, the team free themselves from the vines and use their spells to enter the cave unscathed. Inside, they find a Nexus, a door to the Spirit World of the Titans: Huntik.

According to Sophie, this was one of the places where Lord Casterwill and his followers first created the Amulets. Lok then speculates that his father used the Nexus to escape the Professor by entering Huntik. Sophie uses Findshape to repair the Nexus while Zhalia uses Januseea the Gatekeeper to open the Nexus through Eathon's Holotome.

Confrontation with the Organization

The Organization members, summoning more Gigadrone Titans, attack, trying to make the cavern cave in on itself. Dante and Zhalia go to investigate, with Sophie being sent to help Lok. Sophie thinks this is because she no longer has her powerful Titan, Sabriel, after the Professor destroyed her. Confronting Wilder, Dante summons Elf King Oberon while Zhalia summons Gar-Ghoul. Myrmidon is summoned by Hoffman while Wilder helps to take out Gar-Ghoul by using a Weakenshade spell, Myrmidon then finishes Gar-Ghoul off by sending it back to his amulet.

Another Clue

While the battle takes place outside, Eathon explains that he entered the world of Titans to prevent the consequences of a threat to the whole world: the Blood Spiral Brotherhood. Sophie is then said to be a direct descendent of Lord Casterwill himself. The Nexus being weakened by the battle outside, Sophie continues, to little avail, to use the Findshape spell to repair the Nexus. The powers raging out of control, Eathon instructs Lok to seek out the Casterwill seer, Nostradamus. Before vanishing, Eathon directs Lok to the prophecies saved on his old Holotome in order to combat the Spiral. The Nexus now destroyed, Lok and Sophie join the others.

The Organization and the Huntik Team facing off, Mymidon also takes out Elf King Oberon with the help of Dark Dryad, Lok summons Powerbonded Baselaird to even the odds. Powerbonded Baselaird takes out Myrmiron, so the Organization members leave with Dark Dryad concealing their exit.

A New Mission

Back at Dante's house in Venice, Italy, Zhalia manages to hack through the file so Sophie can translate the prophecies. These prophecies are thought to be riddles for a mission against the Spiral.


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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Januseea the Gatekeeper

Attack 2
Defense 3
Type Meso-Titan Sorceress
Size Medium
Special Ability Dimensional Portal Manipulation
Januseea Icon.jpg


  • What was thought by Lok to be his father's Holotome in reality was a Blood Spiral Titan, Demigorgan, using its copy ability to pose as Eathon. S2E51