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Holotome Profile: Dragon's teeth
S1E12 Dragons teeth Hoplite
Artifact Information
Item Type Teeth
Effects Grow into Hoplite Amulets
Series Information
User(s) Jason
First Appearance "Like Father, Unlike Son"

The Dargon's teeth were planted Jason on his quest to find the Golden Fleece and grew into Hoplite Titans. The teeth remained in a chest of Hoplite Amulets before eventually being by recovered Zhalia Moon for the Huntik Foundation.


In the legend, the Dragon's teeth were planted by Jason in a field before growing into warriors, the Hoplites. S1E12

Whilst diving down to the Argo to recover Jason's Hoplite Amulets, Zhalia Moon recovered the Dragon's teeth while encountering numerous other items including the Golden Fleece, Apple of Paris and Hercules' Arrow. Placing a coin on the pedestal of the Golden Fleece unlocked the vault, allowing her to recover the chest of Dragon's teeth and the Amulets of the Hoplite Titans which she gave to the rest of the team. While Zhalia initially thought they were just shark's teeth, Sophie explained how Jason has planted them in a field and out had grown warriors. S1E12

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