Holotome Profile: Eathon Lambert's journal
Eathon Lambert's journal
Item Information
Item Book
Source Eathon Lambert (writer)
Series Information
User(s) Lok Lambert
The Huntik Foundation
The Professor
First Appearance "A Seeker Is Born"
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Eathon Lambert's Journal is a collection of Eathon Lambert's knowledge about being a Seeker and of ancient secrets about Titans and magic. Lok Lambert has used this journal written by his father in an attempt to uncover the truth behind Eathon's disappearance at the hands of the Professor.


Eathon Lambert, the father of Lok Lambert, used a journal to record his life as a Seeker. As such, clues were written in the journal to lead to ancient and magical artifacts as well as details thought by Lok to be able to locate his father. S1E01

Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill rediscovered the journal hidden within one of Lok's father's artifacts from his adventures. The Organization, however, swiftly mobilized in order to retrieve the journal for its secrets. During a chase between the Organization's Suits and Lok, the journal fell into the canal and became soaked, partially destroying its contents. S1E01 Lok managed to decipher several of the few remaining excerpts from the journal, spurring the hunt for the mysterious Amulet of Will and the Legendary Titan. source?

The journal remained in this condition until Sophie, upon mastering a new Casterwill spell, managed to repair the book using Findshape. S1E18 S1E19 S1E20

After the team were ambushed by Wind and Shauna, the journal was stolen and returned to the Professor along with the Amulet of Will. S1E25 After the Professor was finally defeated, the journal came back into Lok's possession. S1E26


  • "The secret of the ancient Amulet of Will sleeps with the golem." S1E01
  • "… blood of the golem…" S1E03
  • "Dear Lok, if you're reading this, it means you're following in my footsteps, but it also means I must be in trouble. I'm now looking for a wise man who knows about the sunken city. S1E20


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  • Pages in Eathon's journal were given on after certain codes are entered.
  • The password Behemoth09 unlocked page 8 of the journal.
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