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Holotome Profile: Eathon the dog
Eathon the dog
Biographical Information
Aliases The Professor's dog
Relations The Professor (original owner)
Hoffman (second owner)
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization
Base of Operations The Professor's castle
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Series Information
First Appearance "Crawling the Catacombs"
Last Appearance "An Ally from the Organization"

Eathon is the Professor's dog, whom he named after Eathon Lambert. Though initially suspected that the dog might be the Seeker, Eathon Lambert, who had been converted into a dog by the professor's magic, this information is later shown to be incorrect. After the Professor's defeat, Hoffman took custody of the dog.


Using the powers of Araknos, the Professor rewrote the mind of his dog, giving him the abilities of a Seeker and making the dog be extremely loyal to the Professor. Despite the fact that Araknos and the Professor are no longer around, Eathon the dog apparently retains his ability to summon his Undergolem Titans.


As the Professor rewrote the very framework of this dog's mind, Eathon does not have to worry about whether his bark is worse than his bite. He is bonded to two Undergolem Titans and has the ability to find hidden amulets such as that of Divine Mirror Kagami.

Titans Bonded


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  • Eathon appears to be a Bull Terrier, a breed of dog notorious for being strong willed.
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