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Holotome Profile: Efreet King
Efreet King.jpg
Base Stats
Attack ?
Defense ?
Type Litho-Titan
Series Information
Users Kiel
First Appearance "The Spiral War"

Efreet King is a powerful fire-based djinn Titan resembling a horned demon and is Kiel's strongest Titan.


Kiel barely managed to summon this Titan after Sophie Casterwill had defeated him. Efreet King defeated Mythras by using fire from its eyes. If Lok Lambert and Powerbonded Kipperin had not distracted it, this Titan would likely have killed the battle-worn Sophie. Lok defeated Efreet King only with the aid of the Willblade and a spirit-like form of Pendragon, summoned as the Casterwill family performed an ancient ritual from within the stronghold in the cave. S2E40


Like Kiel's other fire-based Titans, Efreet King can shoot fire from its mouth and eyes. It is powerful enough to defeat even a Legendary Titan, Mythras. Efreet King has also a strong defense and is even able to remain unscathed when he was attacked with the Willblade.


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  • Efreet King's summoning command is "Come."
  • Efreet King is based on the ifrit, a creature from Middle Eastern mythology akin to a djinn or genie.
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