Holotome Profile: Elegast
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Yama-Titan Gnome-Thief
Size Small
Height 1.20 m
Weight 19 kg
Special Ability Sandman
Series Information
Users Ryder
First Appearance "The Titan of the Forest"
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Elegast, the Rogue Elf, is a small, gnome-like Titan. Despite his small appearance, Elegast is a talented and deceiving trickster, carrying several bags of sand, being able to force his enemies to fall asleep in the middle of battle. Elegast is the primary Titan of Ryder.


In Barnsdale forest, Elegast was invoked by Ryder alongside Gregor's Executioner to fight Caliban and Sabriel during the fight for Arawn's Amulet. Elegast put Sabriel to sleep, allowing her to be defeated by Executioner. He attempted to do the same to Caliban but was not quick enough and was defeated by him. HC#02

Whilst on a boat from Tel Aviv, Ryder invoked Elegast against Dante Vale. It attempted to put Dante to sleep but was defeated by Caliban. Dante noted that holding one's breath meant Elegast's powers were ineffective. HC#03

Ryder later summoned Elegast in Venice, Italy to attack Zhalia Moon. It was blasted by Gareon and the two small Titans scuffled on the ground. HC#09


Elegast is able to use his Sandman ability to put his target to sleep, leaving them vulnerable to attack. The only way to protect oneself from this ability is to hold one's breath.


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