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Holotome Profile: Enderflame
S2E38 Enderflame
Spell Information
Aura Orange
Class Stream
Series Information
Users Kiel
The Professor
First Appearance "The Mission"
Enderflame is a powerful spell that serves as a magical flamethrower. This spell manifests itself as an orange fire that extends from the caster's hand.


Enderflame was used by the Professor to knock Sophie Casterwill through a wall even when she had used Honorguard to try to block it. S1E26

This spell was later used by Kiel in Mexico to defeat Dante Vale's Metagolem. S2E38

At the battle of the Fortress of Iron Will, Kiel attempted to hit Sophie with this spell but she was defended by Powerbonded Sorcerel, sending her back to her Amulet. S2E40


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