Holotome Profile: Erasmus Bridge
S2E33 Erasmus bridge Tantras orphans
Location Information
Type Bridge
Location Rotterdam, Netherlands
Series Information
First Appearance Den Vs Harrison
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The Erasmus Bridge is a large cable-stayed bridge over a stream of water located in the centre of Rotterdam, Netherlands, next to the Huntik Foundation Dutch HQ.


Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill and Cherit were ambushed here by Tantras and his three orphan initiates, including Harrison Fears, whilst on a mission to deliver the Titan Vigilante safely to the Dutch HQ. They were joined by Zhalia Moon and Den Fears, who bonded to Vigilante after Lok dropped the Amulet whilst helping Zhalia. Dante Vale, having stopped Shauna and Wind then arrived with Powerbonded Caliban, helping to defeat fight the Blood Spiral Titans, Jericho and Harlekin, and forcing Tantras and his recruits to retreat. S2E33


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