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Holotome Profile: Everfight
S2E42 Sophie Everfight
Spell Information
Aura Orange
Class Healing
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
Lok Lambert
The Professor
Santiago (TCG)
Sophie Casterwill
Zhalia Moon
First Appearance "Words of Truth, Heart of Lies"
Everfight is a spell which allows the caster to partially heal themselves. The spell manifests itself as an amber aura surrounding the Seeker.


Everfight was one of the first spells that Lok Lambert managed to use successfully. After watching Dante Vale use it to recover after being hit by a Poisonheat spell, he did the same to recover from being hit by an Augerfrost, allowing him to turn the tide against DeFoe and his Suits, and give Dante Vale time to bond with Metagolem. S1E03

During his battle with Wilder on Avalon, Lok was so badly hurt that he did not have enough strength to use Everfight. S2E30

Sophie Casterwill used this spell in the lab of Klaus' bookshop after being hit by a Nullcurse from the Silent Soldiers. S2E32

Dante used the spell outside the Temple of Sun whilst holding off a group of Casterwill Hunters. S2E38

Sophie later used the spell in the Vault of Cortes after being hit by an Augerfrost from Hoffman. S2E42

Whilst recovering amidst the final battle against The Betrayer, Zhalia Moon used this spell to take some weight off Den Fears who was helping her. Lok then used the spell twice, desperate to recover so that he could fight again. S2E52

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