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Holotome Profile: Fear Monster
S2E39 Fear Monster 2
Trap Information
Class Casterwill Trap
Subject Guarded Ring of Mythras
Series Information
Users Rue Guardians
First Appearance "Sophie on Trial"
The Fear Monsters were blue phantom-like creatures with red eyes, left by the strongest Rue Guardians of ancient times to guard the Legendary Titan of Valor, Mythras, as part of the Casterwill family's Trial of Courage in which a noble would make a claim for leadership of the Casterwill elders. Concocted entirely from fear, these wraithlike beings cannot be defeated by direct attacks and will grow in strength as their target becomes more frightened.


The strongest Rue Guardians] of ancient times left the Fear Monsters to guard the statue of Mythras as part of the Trial of Courage. S2E39

When Sophie Casterwill embarked on the Trial of Courage to gain leadership of the Casterwill family elders, she, Lok Lambert and Cherit encountered a ghostly trap taking the form of Lucas Casterwill who summoned the Fear Monsters. The creatures fought the team, defeating both Lok's Ironsquire and Sophie's Sorcerel before Sophie found the courage in her heart to finish the test, bonding with Mythras who vanquished the monsters. S2E39


The Fear Monsters are fearsome adversaries who in attack in large numbers. Their spectral bodies allows them to coil and wrap themselves around their victims to restrict and asphyxiate them. Whilst they will disappear after being hit by an attack, more monsters will proceed to manifest in their place. S2E39


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