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Holotome Profile: Fireblade
Base Stats
Attack 1
Defense 1
Type Yama-Titan Warrior
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 127 pounds
Special Ability Fiery Inspiration
Series Information
First Appearance SAS-031

Fireblade is a ninja-like Yama-Titan who uses its stealth and fiery abilities in battle.


A Fireblade used its acrobatic skills to jump over an allied Brahe Titan during a skirmish. SAS-031


Fireblade is a very skilled martial artist, knowing fighting styles of the ninja and being incredibly acrobatic. In addition to that he also wields two very sharp blades. His body is comprised of flames so he can eject flames at will.

Design History

Fireblade initially was designed as a smoke-themed ninja. Due to the similarities to Shinobi in the rough sketch, the original design was scrapped to redesign this Titan as a fire-themed ninja. Fireblade then was given red clothing, fiery eyes, and flames on his sword. As a ninja, he was designed to be fast and acrobatic instead of having raw power.