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Holotome Profile: Fog Monster
Fog Monster
Spell Information
Aura Black
Class Unique
Series Information
Users Tantras
First Appearance "Den Vs Harrison"
The Fog Monsters are ghostly incantations made up of smoke that were summoned by the Blood Spiral master, Tantras, to train his new recruits in mastering their Titans in combat.


Tantras summoned four Fog Monsters in Rotterdam at the orphanage of Den and Harrison Fears whilst training them and two other orphans in the use of their Titans. One orphan ordered his Harlekin to defeat one of the monsters while Harrison ordered his Marauder to hold one down before he destroyed it with a Nullcurse. The other orphan panicked and was saved by his Harlekin whilst Den crouched to ground in fright, unable to invoke Marauder, failing to bond with such a dark Titan. Tantras then called the final Fog Monster off. S2E33


Despite their terrifying appearance, the Fog Monsters were relatively easy to defeat, being defeated by a single swipe from a Harlekin. S2E33


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  • The Fog Monsters were not named onscreen but behind the scenes concept art names them such.
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