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Holotome Profile: Ford
Ford 2.png
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Series Information
First Appearance "The School of Mystery"

Ford is a former student of the Venice Preparation Academy and a former member of the Organization. He currently serves as a reliable operative of the Huntik Foundation.


Ford first appeared in The School of Mystery, where he was in charge of a gang of bullies who were harassing Lok Lambert. They were going to throw Lok into a canal, but Sophie intervened and shooed them off. At school, Ford was pretending to be a perfect student model, beloved by both his professors and most of the girls and popular boys, but one day Sophie noticed that he had an Amulet around his neck, which could only mean that he was a Seeker. Knowing that he was certainly not a member of the Huntik Foundation nor the Casterwill family, she and Lok correctly deduced that Ford was a member of The Organization. The two tracked Ford to a decrepit area of the school, where the rest of his gang was waiting. Ford proceeded to use Farslip to open a set of closed doors. As Lok summoned Freelancer to hold the door open long enough for them to enter as well, Ford was scared at the fact that there was a another Seeker following him. However, when he found out that it was Lok and Sophie, he taunted them, calling them "Seekers of nothing", hoping to provoke Lok into attacking him. When that ploy failed, he went on his way, continuing to search for some sort of treasure. It is found out that he is Ryder's subordinate. When Ryder informed Ford that Dante Vale, the Huntik Foundation's best agent, had joined Lok and Sophie on their quest, he decided to set an ambush (which was foiled by Zhalia Moon). Later, he summoned Belgrieve to fight Dante's Caliban as he fought Sophie. When Lok used the Marbles to open a chamber the wall, Ford mistakenly thought that the treasure was gone and retreated along with the rest of his gang. HM#01

Ford fought the Huntik team on numerous occasions throughout the first half of the comic series.

Ford battled the Huntik Foundation for the final time before being double-crossed by the Organization. He was ultimately arrested by the Foundation. HM#12

Ford soon became a trusted member of the Huntik Foundation and helped the Huntik team defeat Lee Roy in the fight for Thunderok, becoming firm friends with the team in the process. HM#15


In The School of Mystery, when he fought Sophie Casterwill, he was able to hold her off, though he hadn't the time to fire spells. He can summon powerful Titans like Belgrieve that even could hold their own against Caliban.

Spells Utilized

Titans Bonded

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