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Holotome Profile: Ford's Gang
Ford's Gang
Biographical Information
Relations Ford (leader)
Group Affiliation(s) the Organization
Base of Operations Venice Preparation Academy
Identifying Traits
Series Information
First Appearance "The School of Mystery"
Last Appearance "Grand Dragon Leviathan"

Ford's Gang is a branch of the Organization consisting of students from the Venice Preparation Academy. Their leader is Ford.


Ford and his gang bullied Lok Lambert and would have thrown Lok into the nearby canal had Sophie Casterwill not intervened. They later helped Ford and Ryder in their attempts to get a treasure. HC#01

Ford's gang later fought the Huntik team again in Venice, during the siege of devastation left by Grand Dragon Leviathan. HC#08 HC#09


The members of the gang are nasty bullies who, like most gangs of bullies, mindless follow Ford around.


The gang rely on basic Organization spells and Titans.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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