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Holotome Profile: Fortress of Iron Will
S2E40 Fortress of Iron Will.png
Location Information
Type Stronghold
Location Great Rift Valley, Africa
Series Information
Inhabitants Coralgolem
Fear Monsters
Mythras (formerly)
First Appearance "Sophie on Trial"

The Fortress of Iron Will is a Casterwill family stronghold located in the Great Rift Valley of Africa. The Casterwill Elders meet here to discuss the family's decisive moves. The Stronghold houses many Icarus and Feyone Titans, and a single Coralgolem Titan, within its statues as a weapon to defend the stronghold, when activated through a long ritual. The deep networks of the fortress also houses many paintings, including one of Cherit and Lord Casterwill.


Iron Will was the resting place of the Ring of the Legendary Titan of Valor, Mythras, the prize of the Test of Courage, designed by the strongest Rue Guardians, deep within the Fortress, in which a noble could make a claim for leadership of the elders. They left multiple Fear Monsters to guard the prize. S2E39

After being called together by the Blue Star, the Casterwill family met here to debate how to respond to the Blood Spiral threat. In order to lead the family against the Spirals, Sophie Casterwill embarked and completed on the Trial of Courage, obtaining the Ring of Mythras. S2E39

With the location of the Stronghold given to the Blood Spiral army by the Betrayer, a huge army, lead by Tantras and Kiel, advanced on the Fortress. A huge battle ensued between the groups, with the Lady of the Lake, Nimue Casterwill sacrificed herself to buy Sophie time to find the strength she needed to defeat Kiel. Focauld Casterwill and the Rue Guardians succeeded in activating the defenses and the Spiral army were forced to retreat from the forthcoming army of Feyone, Icarus and Coralgolem Titans. S2E40


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