Holotome Profile: Freelancer
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 3
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 7 feet 6 inches
Weight 250 pounds
Special Ability Defender
Series Information
Users Clements
Dante Vale
Den Fears
Lok Lambert (Formerly)
Unnamed Foundation operative
First Appearance "The Casterwill Client"
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Freelancer is a loyal knight who is happy to serve a Seeker with a noble heart. He bears a prominent lance with his dominant arm and a shield with his other arm. Due to the ease of bonding to and summoning this Titan, he is often the first Titan of many novice Seekers. This trend is because Freelancer does not care who asks him for help and is ready to jump into any battle. It has been a loyal Titan for starting Seekers like Lok Lambert and Den Fears while it tends to be the primary Titan of Huntik Foundation operatives.


After being first summoned by Lord Casterwill along with the other Titans, Freelancer later appeared in medieval England where he became the favored Titan of many knights who were Seekers. Many such knights even based their own armor and weapons upon those of the Freelancer Titans due to how effective the Titans were in battle. Although the knights did attempt to model their javelins on those of Freelancer, they had to be scaled down since the knights were unable to wield such massive weapons. Many even attempting to mimic a Freelancer's charge but were equally unsuccessful.

Dante's Freelancer

Lok's Freelancer

When Lok Lambert first bonded with the Freelancer Amulet that Dante Vale gave him, Lok saw glimpses of his future with the Titan. Both Dante Vale and Lok Lambert have used Freelancer Titans in their battles against the Organization, beginning with Lok's first encounter with the world of Titans. S1E02 Upon joining the Huntik Foundation, Freelancer became one of Lok's main Titans used to fight against many Organization agents over the course of his adventures until he gave the Amulet to the newer Seeker and member of the team, Den Fears.


Freelancer is a warrior Titan who is quick to join battles. Being a fast and strong attacker and good defender, this armored Titan is an advantageous asset to new Seekers. His armor completely covers his body, and a lance as wide as his chest and nearly his height is wielded in his massive right arm. His tall but narrow shield is weilded in his smaller left arm and it has protected him against combined attacks of seekers and titans.

Design History

Freelancer represents the core ideas of a fighting Titan—quick to join a battle, fast in his attacks, and tough enough to take some hits to protect his Seeker. From the earliest idea he’s had armor, a lance, and a shield. These three things are so important to the concept of Freelancer that we made sure they were oversized. From head to toe, he’s covered in armor, with no bare skin showing. His lance is as wide as his chest and almost as tall as he is, and his right arm is huge so he can easily carry his weapon. His shield is as tall as he is, but it’s skinny because he is a skinny Titan, and his left arm doesn’t need to be as strong as his attacking arm. We changed the length of his arms and legs a little bit before deciding on his final shape, but overall, he has always been “armored soldier guy.”


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  • Freeelancer's summoning commands include "Awaken," "Fight with me," "Rush," and "Defend". His sole command in Season 2 is "Come on".
  • "Freelancer" is another word for "mercenary," a kind of warrior who takes short-term fighting or guard jobs but isn’t a permanent member of his boss’s army.
  • Freelancer's name also refers to the lance weapon he wields.
  • Information about his design history was accessible on with the code Raypulse14.