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Holotome Profile: Frostanna
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 2
Type Litho-Titan Ice Princess
Size Average
Height 2.21 m
Weight 80 kg
Special Ability Freeze-Shock
Series Information
Users Ford
First Appearance "The Fire of Georgiopolis"
Frostanna is a Litho-Titan used by Ford. Also known as the Snow Lady, she can control ice, freezing water particles in the air through her hair and generating cooling rays from her long claws.


Frostanna was first used by Ford to freeze and capture Gil in Tel Aviv. HC#03

In Venice, Italy, Ford summoned her to attack Lok when he attempted to obtain the medallion of Saint Mark. HC#05

Frostanna was invoked by Ford to attack Lok but she was defeated by Headless Hessian. HC07

Ford invoked Fostanna who attacked the Huntik team and froze Lok, Dante and Sophie. She searched for Zhalia Moon but did not see her suspended on the ceiling. HC#08

After Ford joined the Huntik Foundation, Frostanna used was against the Organization.

Frostanna was later invoked fight alongside Ignatius against Lee Roy's Executioner. HC#15


Frostanna can fire Ice Blasts and can easily freeze or trap her foes in ice. She is quick and nimble so she can dodge attacks or pursue a target. In additionm she can also float around, giving her added mobility advantages over her enemies.


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  • Frostanna is based off the Yuki-onna or "snow woman", beautiful ice spirits from Japanese mythology.
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