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Holotome Profile: Gargoyle
Trap Information
Class Statue
Subject Guarded Cavern of the Gargoyle
Series Information
First Appearance "Into the River of Secrets"
The Gargoyle trap was a mechanical trap that guarded the Cavern of the Gargoyle in order to prevent Gar-Ghoul's Amulet from being recovered.


The Gargoyle attacked the Dante Vale's team and DeFoe's army in the Cavern of the Gargoyle where a large battle took place. It caused many Titans to return to their Amulets, including Sabriel, Strix, and Kipperin. Lok Lambert scanned the trap with his Holotome and revealed that this was a type of magical trap instead of a Titan. Sophie Casterwill then destroyed the trap with Breakspell. S1E04


The Gargoyle trap has the equivalent of an attack power of 0 and a defense power of 1. SAS-071 This trap can shoot jets of water from its mouth with an incredible force to easily defeat Titans and injure Seekers. Dante Vale noted that at the speed the water was travelling, it could hit like a bullet. S1E04


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