Holotome Profile: Gheisha
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Yama-Titan
Series Information
Users Bonnie
First Appearance "The Lost City of Casterwill"
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Gheisha is a Yama-Titan who has the appearance of a traditional Gheisha entertainer. Much like the Titan Fan Dancer, she fights with a pair of Japanese war fans. Her Amulet was in the possession of Bonnie, a minion of Professor Rickman.


Gheisha was invoked by Bonnie in the underwater city of Ys alongside Celina's Red Vampress. She fought and defeated Dante Vale's Ignatius. However the tables turned when Zhalia Moon arrived and Gheisha was defeated by Caliban. Her Seeker, Bonnie, was then arrested by the Huntik Foundation. HC#12


Gheisha is quick and agile. Much like the Titan Fan Dancer, she is skilled in tessenjutsu, using a pair of war fans from which she can fire lethal blades attached to strings with which she can ensnare enemy Titans.


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  • Gheisha is based off the Gheisha, Japanese women who would entertain audiences through ancient art traditions, eg. dancing and singing.
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