Giochi Preziosi is an Italian toy company that oversaw the creation and distribution of merchandise for Season 2 of Huntik: Secrets & Seekers in Europe and Russia in 2011. Their toys included a range of miniature figures, Amulet launchers, 15cm Action figures and an Interactive Willblade roleplay sword.

15cm Action Figures

These Powerbonded Titan action figures each came with a plastic Amulet that could be inserted into the back of the figure to activate light and sound effects.

Miniature Figures

The Titan miniatures were sold a small sachets each complete with a figure, a card containing the Titan's info and a collector's leaflet. Each Titan figure was imprinted with its Icon, only visible under the UV light of one of the Amulets, operated by pressing its gem. Measuring 6cm, the same as the Season 1 minis released by Panini, the figures were more colorful and detailed than those prior.



These 6 exclusive figures were only available in Italy:

Titan Amulet Launchers

By pressing a switch, the Amulet would burst open and shoot out the Titan on a wheeled platform.

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