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Holotome Profile: Goblin Brownie
Goblin Brownie.jpg
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 1
Type Yama-Titan
Size Small
Height 3 feet 10 inches
Weight 95 pounds
Special Ability Control
Series Information
Users The Professor
First Appearance "To Be Together"

Goblin Brownie is a flag-bearing, diminutive goblin-like Titan. At first glance, Goblin Brownie may seem to present little threat to a larger, more melee-oriented opponent, but this is exactly the image Goblin Brownie wants to convey. Goblin Brownie is capable of using the flags he carries for offense, defense, and even evading traps.


Goblin Brownie Titans influenced the legends behind the goblins and the brownies. Goblins in European lore were known for their mastery of tricks and deception. The brownies appeared in Celtic and European legends as some of the more mischievous fairies. When caught, they would serve as free servants who worked for table scraps for the rest of their captor's life.

A Goblin Brownie had been one of the primary Titans used by Simon Judeau during his adventuring days while he traveled with Eathon Lambert and Metz. After Simon donned the alias of "the Professor" and formed the Organization, Goblin Brownie was invoked less frequently as Simon operated from the shadows while afflicted with his curse. During the search for the Ring of Tao, Goblin Brownie was again invoked in order to stop a trap that the Professor had triggered within the underground stairway. S1E23


Goblin Brownie is able to reset tripped traps by tapping an area affected by the trap with one of his flags in order to disarm them. S1E23 By twisting sigils of magical energy into existence using a pair of enchanted flags from his vast collection, Goblin Brownie can create powerful defensive walls to protect his allies, or conjure curses he can then fire at his enemies.


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  • Goblin Brownie's name is derived from the words goblin and brownie. According the lore of the Brownie faeries they would tone down their mischievous behaviors and become the house servants of whomever caught them and would only ask that you give them kitchen or table scraps from two or more meals.
  • Though his name was pronounced [brou'-nee] like the dessert in the English version, the brownie which he is based on, a mischievous fairy of Celtic and European lore, is properly pronounced as [broo'-nee].