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At first sight, this flag-bearing, diminutive Titan presents little threat to a larger, more melee-oriented opponent, but this is exactly the image Goblin Brownie wants to convey. By twisting sigils of magical energy into existence using a pair of enchanted flags from his vast collection, Goblin Brownie can create powerful defensive walls to protect his allies, or conjure curses he can then fire at his enemies.


In the episode "To Be Together" Goblin Brownie stops a trap that The Professor triggered. Apparently the two were close before The Organization even began to exist.


In the episode where he appeared it looked like he should reset tripped traps by tapping an area affected by the trap with one of his flags.



  • Unlock this Titan by completing Adventure game 10
  • Goblins in Eurpean lore were known for their mastery of tricks and deception
  • while many people read the word brownie [brou-nee] much like the the last part of Goblin Brownie's name Celtic and European lore had fey called brownie pronounced [broo-nee] which were some of the more mischievous fairies you could find until they were caught at which time they served as free servants who worked for table scraps for the rest of their captor's life.
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