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Holotome Profile: Grand Dragon Leviathan
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Legendary Titan
Size Colossal
Special Ability Dive
Series Information
Users Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance The Curse of Venice

Grand Dragon Leviathan is the Legendary Titan of the Deeps. This Titan resembles a massive, green, serpentine dragon, much like Shakrit. Leviathan's wings are small with respect to its body, contrasting Shakrit's much larger wings.


Grand Dragon Leviathan rose from the canals of Venice, Italy, and fought the Huntik team along with Ignatius, Icarus, Kipperin and King Basilisk. HC#08

Sophie Casterwill used it to dive down deep underwater with the Huntik team. HC#10


Grand Dragon Leviathan is quite fast due to its incredible speed. It can fire devastating blasts of water from its mouth. This Titan is also able to transport Seekers underwater.


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  • Grand Dragon Leviathan is based on the Leviathan , a great sea monster.
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