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Holotome Profile: Gregor
Biographical Information
Aliases Gorilla
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Bald (previously blonde)
Series Information
First Appearance "The Titan of the Forest"
Last Appearance "The Lost City of Casterwill"

Gregor is a member of the Organization who was often teamed with Ford and Ryder. The epitome of a callous brute, Gregor is aggressive and violent, with the appearance, in Cherit's words, of a gorilla.


Gregor traveled to Barnsdale Forest in England with Ford and Ryder to recover the Titan Arawn the Hunter. After invoking his Executioner, Gregor fought against Dante Vale. After an intense battle, the Organization were defeated by the Huntik team. HC#02

Gregor fought the team at Alexandria for the Amulets of the Triton Titans. After being given the Amulet of Dark Triton and Executioner defeating the Huntik team's Titans, Gregor appeared to have won. However the tables turned when Metagolem defeated Executioner and Dante took Dark Triton's Amulet from him. HC#04

Whilst trying to obtain the Amulet of the Headless Hessian, Gregor ended up getting arrested by the town sheriff after seeing him with the Titan's head stuck on him. HC07

Gregor later escaped from jail and surprised the Huntik team at Skara Brae with his Barrage Titan who defeated Freelancer and Sabriel. However his Executioner and Barrage were then defeated by Grand Dragon Leviathan and Gregor was knocked unconscious by Dante. He then found by Professor Rickman and his team who were unimpressed as Gregor's failure. HC#10

Gregor later traveled to the underwater city of Ys with Ford and Ryder. He invoked Executioner and fought against Lok Lambert and his Titans. After defeating Lok, Gregor then double-crossed Ford, defeating Belgrieve and preparing the finish him off. However, Lok quickly intervened, defeating Gregor and saving Ford, despite the fact Ford had bullied him. Gregor was then arrested by the Huntik Foundation along with Rickman, Caine, Celina, Bonnie and Ford. HC#12


Beyond conceited, self-appreciating, he is also insidious. Gregor thinks that he is the absolute in being professional and that no one can hold a candle to him, especially any member of the Huntik Foundation. Although Gregor likes to talk about how "honorable" he is, he is in truth only a sneaky man desiring to take advantage of every possible weakness in his opponents. He appears to have a bitter relationship with Ford, often teasing or even threatening him. This ultimately climaxed with Gregor double crossing Ford and punching him before attempting to kill him.


Gregor is fierce and aggressive in combat. His bulky build gives him a size advantage. He is very strong - strong enough to break down doors, or punch so hard that an entire ruin trembles. He mainly fights with his fist, and sometimes enchants them with fist-spells.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans

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