"Gremlow Infestation!"
Season 2, Episode 41
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"The Spiral War"
"The Power of Umbra"
Production Information
Air date May 10, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "L'Infestazione dei Gremlow"
Series Information
Mission The Piper of Hamelin
Locations Hamelin Cathedral
Hamelin, Germany
New Information
Titans Conquistador
Doom Warden
Shadow Agent
Spells Ironhand
Items Pied Pipe
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The meeting of the Casterwill elders is disrupted when Kiel and his Spiral army attack. The Huntik team fights alongside the Casterwills, and Sophie faces Kiel. Bonding with Powerbonded Sorcerel, Sophie barely wins, leaving Lok to save her from a rampaging Efreet King. After the battle, Sophie finally wins the leadership of the Casterwills.


Lok, Sophie and Den meet with Guggenheim to investigate a rogue Titan, Gremlow, in Hamelin Cathedral. Unfortunately the Titan keeps multiplying. Sophie gets the the idea to purchase a flute but is ambushed by a pair of Wilder's Suits. Meanwhile, Dante explores the cavern of Hernán Cortés in order to locate the Titan Umbra.


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  • The Holotome says Gremlow is a Yama titan, but his amulet and his summoning colours are that of a Litho titan.
  • The city of Hamelin, Germany, was misspelled as Hamlin.
  • When Sophie summoned Sabriel, her normal, non-Powerbonded icon was mistakenly shown.


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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Gremlow
Attack 1
Defense 1
Type Yama-Titan Scout
Size Tiny
Special Ability Swarm
Gremlow Icon
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