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Holotome Profile: Guardians of Thor
S1E07 Guardians of Thor.jpg
Group Information
Founder Thor
Headquarters Temple of Thor
Purpose Protect the Temple of Thor

Guard the hammer Mjolnir

Series Information
First Appearance "The Legacy of Thor"
Last Appearance "Two Powers Become One"

The Guardians of Thor are members of an ancient cult that has been in existence for thousands of years preserving the ways of the Norse gods. They protected the Temple of Thor and Mjolnir, Thor's magical hammer.


The Guardians were eventually infiltrated by the Organization and summoned Ymir to destroy the Huntik Foundation who were on their way to the Temple. S1E07

The Guardians, now under the command of Unnamed Suit 012 attacked Dante Vale and his team in the Temple of Thor and tried to stop them from retrieving Mjolnir. Despite a series of attacks, they were unsuccessful and all knocked unconscious when Dante and Montehue used Mjolnir to defeat Ymir. S1E08


The Guardians of Thor were adept at using an electrical spell called Thundercut as their primary, if not only, spell. Thor was known as a thunder god, so Thundercut is aptly named due to their worshiping him. They were also able to invoke Ymir through an arcane incantation.