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Holotome Profile: Gunther Von Bulow
Placeholder person
Biographical Information
Relations Guggenheim (fellow camper)
Base of Operations Germany
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Series Information
First Appearance Ask Guggenheim

Gunter Von Bulow was one of the participants at the summer camp at Germany where the 8 years old Guggenheim also participated. He and his group, including Guggenheim and one American boy, were assigned for some type of survival competition, spending the night in the woods without any adults. His team had been organized very well.


When camping with a group in Germany, the campers had gathered firewood, pitched their tent, and managed to catch rabbits to eat. However, once they noticed that nobody had any way to start a fire, a few of them tried to rub sticks together to start a fire, to no avail. Most of the group, aside from Guggenheim, went to the tent to discuss a plan. Guggenheim said he would keep trying to start the fire with the sticks.

Guggenheim had waited a few minutes until the coast was clear before he whispered "Boltflare" in order to set the stack of wood on fire. The American boy was going to tell Guggenheim to come to the tent and accidentally saw Guggenheim use the spell. After witnessing this event, the American boy shouted "You German Wizard!" Gunther Von Bulow, replied "German Wizard? Ridiculous! Guggenheim is from Switzerland!"

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