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Holotome Profile: Heart of Vlad Dracul
The Heart of Vlad Dracul
Artifact Information
Effects Gives power to the user
Source Castle of Vlad Dracul
Series Information
User(s) Vlad Dracul
First Appearance "Lok's Leadership"

The Heart of Vlad Dracul is a very powerful and evil item that contains the power of Vlad Dracul.

The Blood Spiral Brotherhood tried to retrieve the Heart and use its power to open the mark of the spiral before the longest night of the year but failed thanks to the Huntik team lead by Lok Lambert for the first time. Tantras' attempt to absorb and use its power ultimately backfires on him, gravelly weakening him and causing him to lose his position among the Blooded Circle of the Blood Spiral. S2E43

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