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"Heroes and Titans"
Huntik Soundtrack Art Zhalia Sophie Sabriel King Basilisk.png
Song Information
Composer Michele Bettali
Stefano Carrara
Fabrizio Castania
Publisher Tridimensional S.r.l.
Rainbow Media Pte. Ltd.
Release Date August 13, 2010
Length 0:50

Heroes and Titans is the ending theme for Huntik: Secrets & Seekers and is used during the closing credits of every episode of both seasons of the show. An extended version of the song is also heard several times during the first season, notably during the most atmospheric or dramatic moments. The lyrics are Italian and, unlike those of the Huntik Go opening theme, have not been re-dubbed for any international broadcasts. The two songs were combined and released together commercially as a single track on the 13th August 2010.


Terra di vita, terra di vita
Giochi di sfide, giochi di sfide,
Huntik Titano
Questo è il mistero!
Oooooooooh ...
Land of life, land of life
Challenging games, challenging games
Huntik Titans
This is the mystery!