Holotome Profile: Higgans
S2E28 Higgans
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Huntik Foundation
Base of Operations Huntik International HQ
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
First Appearance "Coming of Age"
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Higgans is a member of the Huntik Foundation Council who appears to be of Asian descent. He currently quarters in Huntik International HQ in New York City whilst also coordinating his own group of Foundation Seekers.


Higgans was present at Metz' holographic meeting of the Huntik council where he congratulated them for their accomplishments. S1E21

Higgans warned Uffizi that the Organization were still a serious threat, despite the defeat of the Professor after a worrying encounter his Seekers had had. S2E28

Higgans was later present when Focauld Casterwill alerted Teien Casterwill that the Blood Spiral had found him, a matter Teien brought before the council. S2E37 Higgans was also present when Dante's team came before the council to discuss the Blood Spiral and were tasked with the mission Call of the Casterwill. S2E38

Higgans joined the council on the longest night of the year to discuss plans to stop the activation of the Spiral Mark. He suggested the use of the Foundation's Scramjets, as they could be anywhere in the world in under four hours. S2E49

Following the defeat of The Betrayer, Higgans was seen with the council as they were joined by a new member, Dante Vale. S2E52


As a member of the Huntik council, Higgans appears to be professional and sincere. He speaks softly and appears to be particularly careful not to underestimate enemies such as the Organization.


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