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Holotome Profile: Hippolyta's mother
S1E19 Metz wedding photo
Biographical Information
Aliases Unnamed
Relations Metz (husband)
Hippolyta (daughter)
Group Affiliation(s) Amazons
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Series Information
First Appearance "Ladies' Choice" (mentioned)

Hippolyta's mother was an Amazon queen and the wife of Metz. Her status as a Seeker is currently unknown.


Many years ago when her life was once in danger, she was saved by a Seeker named Metz. Metz took her to the outside world and eventually married her in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. She never told anyone else about this event. At some point, she bore a child named Hippolyta, who became a Seeker and ruler of the Amazons. Before she died, she gave her daughter the Ring of Behemoth, the Legendary Titan of Body. S1E19

Many years later, her possessions would be recovered by Dante Vale and his team and give a bedridden Metz will power to spare. S1E19

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