Holotome Profile: Hitokiri
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 3
Type Yama-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Special Ability Quick Draw
Series Information
Users Harrison Fears
First Appearance "Boys Will Be Seekers"
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Hitokiri is a quick and agile warrior with the face of an Oni. He has red skin and dresses in samurai armor. This Titan utilizes a deadly katana and can often rely on his considerable speed and Japanese fighting techniques in battle.


Harrison Fears obtained the Amulet of Hitokiri some time after joining the Blood Spiral and was used in training at the Blood Spiral Base. He fought against Tantras and Jericho and was disorientated by Tantras' Runamok power, before being called back by Harrison.

Later, Harrison summoned Hitokiri again in the streets of Venice to fight against Den Fears' Freelancer. Hitokiri was able to split Freelancer's shield into two but was defeated after a fierce battle. S2E36

Hitokiri was used by Harrison again to fight against Den in the war of the Spiral against the Casterwill family members assembled in the Fortress of Iron Will, but the forces of the Blood Spiral later retreated with Harrison and Zhalia Moon when ordered by Tantras and, thus, Hitokiri was called back to his Amulet. S2E40

Hitokiri was summoned by Harrison once again to fight against Lok Lambert, Cherit, and Powerbonded Sabriel at the Castle of Vlad Dracul. He was able to overpower and injure to Sabriel but was defeated when Cherit gave Sabriel a power boost. S2E43


Hitokiri can use his speed to attack before a Seeker has time to properly react. And his skill with the sword he carries on his back is impressive. His sword is also sharp enough to split a shield in half as when he sliced Freelancer's shield in to two. S2E36


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  • Hitokiri's summoning command is Strike them.
  • Hitokiri is based on the Hitokiri of the Bakumatsu, four samurai from the mid-1800's, named after the Japanese word Hitokiri, meaning "man-slayer." The legend of the Oni greatly influenced the design of his face mask.
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