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Holotome Profile: Holotome
Artifact Information
Item Type Tome
Effects Research and Communication
Source Engineered from the Cypherdex
Series Information
User(s) The Huntik Foundation
First Appearance "Words of Truth, Heart of Lies"

A Holotome is a specialized green-hued tome used by Seekers in the Huntik Foundation. It combines technology and the magic of the Spirit World, Huntik. It acts like a magic-based computer to store and recall information based on vocal commands. Like a computer, they also have the ability to connect to such utilities as e-mail and internet browsing. Many of the additional capabilities of the Holotome are essential in planning missions.


The Holotome also allows communication between other Holotomes and similar devices, showing holograms of the faces of those communicating or a simple image when communicating via computer or television set. Missions are transmitted and received via Holotime in this manner, and mission details and goals appear on a mission card for the recipient.


S1E11 Madea island holotome.jpg

A Holotome possesses a limited scanning range, but its ability to store three-dimensional maps and other information to be recalled later. Larger maps of buildings, passageways, and dungeons may also be compiled from previous information and retain even minute details that are picked up. S1E04


S1E04 Kipperin holotome.jpg

Holotomes also store information on all known Titans and powers. A Holotome can display three-dimensional holograms of Titans and contains stat information, Titan type, and abilities. New Titans may be added to a Holotome's database by scanning the Titan or its Amulet.

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