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Holotome Profile: Honorguard
S2E37 Focauld Honorguard.png
Spell Information
Aura Orange
Class Protective
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
Focauld Casterwill
Lok Lambert (TCG)
Lucas Casterwill
Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "A Seeker Is Born"

Honorguard is a defensive spell that manifests as an orange and pink aura to protect a Seeker or allies from incoming attacks. This spell is often used by members of the Casterwill family.


This spell was used by Sophie to stop two Boltflare attacks simultaneously. source?

Honorguard was shown to be ineffective against the Nullcurse power used by the Blood Spiral. S2E32

Focauld Casterwill used this spell at the Cloisters to deflect a Raypulse back at a Silent Soldier. S2E37

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