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Template:Infobox titans Hoozoto is like a crazed guard dog, except a guard dog doesn't jump on your back when it bites, nor does it have a tail-claw to punch anyone else who gets near it.



  • His strength grows if he's holding a object.

Design History

Rough Sketch

Imagine a monkey. Now imagine a monkey with a dog’s head. Now imagine a monkey with a dog’s head and a big clawed hand at the end of its tail. Now adorn it with Aztec jewelry. That’s Hoozoto! This sketch captures everything we thought Hoozoto should look like—monkey body, dog head, claw-tail. Our only request to the artist was to give this Titan oversized monkey-hands, which would help him look more monkeylike instead of like a dog with a funny tail.

Pencil Sketch

Those hands and feet are definitely monkey hands and feet—no dog paws here. And the tail-claw is huge! Bigger than his head! He could probably pick up a basketball with one hand. Check out those bared teeth—he must be in a bad mood! We had nothing we wanted to change at this point, so the next step was to go to a color version.

Final Art

He sure looks scrappy! He’d probably enjoy jumping out of a tree onto a Suit’s back and punching the Suit in the head with that big tail-hand! Or maybe he’d be good at guarding something for The Huntik Foundation! Because his special power makes him stronger when he’s carrying an object (+2 ATK and +2 DEF), he’s a great guard dog, uh monkey, uh dog-monkey.


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  • Hoozoto is based on an Aztec monster called Ahuizotl. Its name means “water monster” in the Aztec language. One of the Aztec kings took the name Ahuizotl when he become king because he liked its fierce nature.
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