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Holotome Profile: Hoplite
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 1
Type Krono-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 8 feet 7 inches
Weight 600 pounds
Special Ability Teamwork
Series Information
Users Jason
Dante Vale
Lok Lambert
Sophie Casterwill
Zhalia Moon
First Appearance "Like Father, Unlike Son"
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Hoplite Titans are centaur-like warriors possessing the body and legs of a lion. These armored warriors, though relatively weak while alone, gain power when working together as an army. They are closely related to the lion-like gladiator Titan, Bellona.


The Hoplite Titan is like the centaur of Greek mythology, except it has a lion's body instead of that of a horse. Ancient Greek hoplite soldiers used swords, shields, and spears to defeat their enemies. Like this Titan, Greek hoplites grouped together in battle so that their shields could overlap and thus create a stronger defense. Around the same era, an army of Hoplite Titans had been used by Jason, who led the Argonauts. Allegedly, he was able to summon this army with his dragon's teeth.

In modern times, Jason's logbook was used to locate the sunken ship, the Argo, off the coast of Sutos Island. There, Zhalia Moon uncovered several Hoplite Amulets protected by a magical puzzle. Upon returning to find Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill fighting against a coalition of Suits and Sutos citizens, Zhalia gave both of her teammates a Hoplite Amulet so that they could stand their ground, and later on the team used these Titans for their easy summoning and for their great teamwork powers. S1E12


Though relatively weak Titans on their own with low offensive and defensive powers, Hoplites gain strength as they work together. They also have great skill with a sword and are good defensive titans. One Hoplite alone was able to hand for moments a Nighlurker titan, and one Hoplite is a soldier, two is an army. Hoplite titans are also quite fast on their feet. These titans have claws that are great for gripping the ground.

Design History

The Hoplite Titans were based on the hoplites, citizen soldiers of ancient Greece who were armed with swords, spears, and shields. Due to their cooperative fighting style, the Hoplite Titans likewise were designed to be best suited for combat as a team. Though originally designed as humanoid soldiers, animalistic traits including a lion's mane were added to make Hoplite more unique. The lion was chosen due to Greek myths involving the powerful animal.


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  • Hoplite's summoning commands are: "Go," "Invoke," and "Join them."
  • Hoplite’s name is comes from the hoplite, a Greek spearman whose title was derived from the hoplon shields which they bore. The hoplon, or aspis, was a round wooden shield with a thin layer of bronze around the edges.
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