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The article is a stub. You can help our databases by expanding it. is the official website for the show Huntik: Secrets & Seekers. The website was removed around the end of 2010, after which the site was redirected to Old sections of the website are included here for archival purposes.

Ask Guggenheim

Ask Guggenheim was a weekly blog posted on that answered a question of one registered user each week about a day before the new episode. The questions and some answers are archived on the Ask Guggenheim page.


News regarding the Huntik: Secrets & Seekers franchise, in particular the TCG, are archived on the News page.

Titan and Seeker Profiles

Titan and Seeker profiles were included on a section of These profiles are archived on the Profiles page.


Frequently asked questions about the world of the Huntik cartoon series. The questions and the answers are archived on the FAQ page.

Adventure Games

The Adventure Game was an interactive game that allowed registered users to go on Seeker missions in chapters corresponding to each episode of Huntik. Each Adventure Game chapter had different choices that could be taken which would affect the outcome of the chapter. Completing different chapters allowed unlocked different Titans in the Secret Files as well as the possibility of new spells or Titans to use in other chapters of of the Adventure Game. Information about the Huntik Adventure Game is archived on the Adventure Game page.

Concept Art

see also: Concept Art

Eathon's Journal

see also: Eathon Lambert's journal

Secret Files

Secret Files were made available to users who registered an account at These Secret Files give insight into different aspects of the Huntik world as well as other extras. Passwords were given at the end of every episode, and they were used to unlock extras within the Secret Files. This information is archived on the Secret Files page.

Seeker Points

Story Boards


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Titan Posters

see also: Titan Posters

Titan Videos