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The Adventure Game was an interactive game that allowed registered users to go on Seeker missions in chapters corresponding to each episode of Huntik. Each Adventure Game chapter had different choices that could be taken which would affect the outcome of the chapter. Completing different chapters allowed unlocked different Titans in the Secret Files as well as the possibility of new spells or Titans to use in other chapters of of the Adventure Game. Information about the Huntik Adventure Game is archived below. Adventure Game

Chapter 1

Series Information
Locations Dante's house, Pastry Café
Characters DeFoe, Dante Vale, Grier, Guggenheim, Suits
Titans Mindrone, Redcap
Spells Augerfrost, Hyperstride, Raypulse
Items Holotome
Game Information
Gained Spells Raypulse
Gained Items Adventure Map
Secret Files Unlocked Albion

The player has not yet completed Seeker training and is instructed to be careful on the first mission due to Organization activity in the area of Venice, Italy. The player then hears a commotion caused by some Suits down one of the streets.

The player may choose to grab a snack at the Pastry Café to satiate his or her hunger. If the player decides to go to the café, the player hears a suspicious noise and returns to the street. To progress, the player must choose whether to be stealthy and not attract attention or to rush into the trouble.

Upon choosing to investigate, the player realizes that three Organization Suits were the cause of the noise. As the street is a dead end, the player must choose whether or not to hide in the dumpster. The player escapes by jumping into the dumpster. If the player does not jump into the dumpster, the player is hit by a Raypulse spell. The Suits recognize the player's Holotome, deducing that the player must be a part of the Huntik Foundation, and capture the player.

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