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Huntik 5D
Huntik 5d Sophie Megataur poster.png
Attraction Information
Location Magicland, Rome
Type Interactive dark ride
Date Opened May 26, 2011

Huntik 5D is an interactive dark ride based on Huntik: Secrets & Seekers, located at the Magicland theme park (formerly known as Rainbow Magicland). It opened in Rome in 2011. The ride features a CGI animation of the Huntik characters in 3D. It was produced by a collaboration of several companies, including Rainbow, Rainbow CGI, Alterface, Art Project, Vida Studio, Sample, Hytechnology and Alfa Park, and holds the record for being the largest 5D video game in Europe. It is one of two Huntik-themed attractions at the park, the other being the Yucatan/Huntik Spillwater ride.


The ride starts with a Holotome scan of Megataur, Bazela's Hive, Bazela's Insect and Cerberus. The ride then hurtles into a network of underground caves. Dante Vale appears and summons Powerbonded Caliban. The doors to the Seeker's Temple open and a herd of Jericho and Redcap Titans attack. The players work with Caliban to defeat them.

The ride arrives at a deep pool of lava where Efreet King resides. Cherit addresses the players but is attacked by Ammit Heart-Eater. The ride travels through an Egyptian tomb before Sophie Casterwill appears, trying to free a chained Megataur Titan, who has been captured by the Dark Guardians. With the help of the players, she defeats the puzzle and frees the fierce Titan who returns to his Amulet in her hand.

The ride moves to the ruins of a temple. All is quiet, when Bazela's Hive crawls out and begins spawning Bazela's Insect Titans. The players fight off the swarm before the ride hurtles through an abandoned castle that begins to collapse. Cerberus attacks but explodes after being shot by the players.

Lok Lambert, Zhalia Moon and Powerbonded Kipperin arrive as a final battle ensues against more Jericho Titans. The players assist Lok who uses the Willblade to defeat them, before the temple explodes and the ride ends.


  • Huntik 5D was animated after the second season had finished production, making it the last piece of video media to be produced in the franchise. It was also the last piece of media to be published until the exhibition of the Artbook in 2019.
  • The ride won Best New Attraction of the Year at the 2011 Parksmania Awards.


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