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Holotome Profile: Huntik Foundation
Huntik Foundation Insignia
Group Information
Aliases The Foundation
Leader(s) Metz
Headquarters Manhattan, New York
Tome Holotome
Purpose Defend against evil Seekers
Series Information
First Appearance "A Seeker Is Born"

The Huntik Foundation is a loosely organized confederation of philanthropists, adventurers, and historians. The Foundation's goal is to defend the world against the evil machinations of evil Seekers such as the Professor and the Blood Spiral.


The Huntik Foundation was created early in the 20th century by a group of like minded Seekers who wanted to learn the secrets of the Titans. The Huntik Foundation is led by a council based at the Huntik Foundation Council Base in Manhattan, New York, and maintains additional operational bases throughout the world. Dante Vale is counted among the top Seekers in the Huntik Foundation. He and his team adventure across the world, unearthing long-lost artifacts and pursuing Titans thought to have disappeared long ago.


The foundation has many safe houses located around the world. The most notable seen in the series to date are Dante's house and the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.


A typical Foundation operative is smart, spunky, and curious. He or she has a nose for a mystery and a keen sense of justice. Foundation operatives value teammates and work together in order to make the world a better place. Some members however prefer to remain out of the field. These operatives are usually profilers who remain at safe houses and research new ways to stop the organization. It is also possible that they could be responsible for updating the Holotome's data files.


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