The Huntik Foundation Council is a group consisting of nine (later ten) Huntik Foundation Seekers from across the globe, controlling the Foundation's work and making important decisions about future goals, alliances and missions. They are based in Huntik International HQ in Manhattan, New York.

Named Members

The names of the remaining members haven't been confirmed yet, however, their appearances were revealed:


When Metz fell victim to the Curse of the Legendary Titans, the meetings weren't held in person but through holograms. S1E21 However, following Metz' recovery, the Council members gathered in the HQ and started to deliberate again.

The Council discussed the reemergence of the Organization following the defeat of the Professor. Nasher then alerted the Council that his Seekers in Salon Museum had been attacked by the Organization. S2E28

When Focauld Casterwill alerted Teien Casterwill that the Blood Spiral had found him, Metz allowed her to bring the matter before the Council. S2E37 Dante's team later came before the Council to discuss the Blood Spiral and were tasked with the mission Call of the Casterwill. S2E38

The Council gathered on the longest night of the year to discuss plans to stop the activation of the Spiral Mark. S2E49 Several members, including Metz, Momax, Guggenheim and Teien fought during the final battle against the Blood Spiral. S2E52

Following the defeat of The Betrayer, the Council were joined by a new member, Dante Vale. S2E52


  • All the named members of the Huntik Council are named after various museums around the world:
    • Metz is named after the Metropolitan Museum of Art (or simply "The Met") located in New York.
    • Guggenheim is named for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum also located in New York.
    • Higgans is named after the Higgins Art Gallery and Museum, Bedford located in England.
    • Momax's name is similar to the Museum of Modern Art (or "MoMA") located in New York, Venice and Bilbao.
    • Nasher shares his name with both the Nasher Museum of Art located at Duke University in North Carolina, USA, and the Nasher Scupture Center located in Dallas, Texas.
    • Teien shares her name with the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan.
    • Uffizi shares her name with the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

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