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Holotome Profile: Huntik Foundation Dutch HQ
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Location Information
Type Safehouse
Location Rotterdam, Netherlands
Series Information
First Appearance Den Vs Harrison (mentioned)

The Huntik Foundation Dutch HQ is the main base and safehouse for the Huntik Foundation in Rotterdam, Netherlands where it is hidden deep in the city, near the Erasmus Bridge.


Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill and Cherit were tasked with delivering the Amulet of the Titan Vigilante securely to the safehouse but had difficulty finding the headquarters as it was so well hidden. The pair were forced to go off-route in order lead a pair of Silent Soldiers away from the base. After reaching the Erasmus Bridge, the pair were ambushed by Tantras and his new students before they could the safehouse. Thankfully, Vigilante's Amulet ended up in the hands of Den Fears, a good Seeker. S2E33

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