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Holotome Profile: Huntik Foundation Italian HQ
S2E36 Italian HQ night.png
Location Information
Type Compound
Location Venice, Italy
Series Information
Inhabitants Clease
Klaus (formerly, as a statue)
First Appearance "The Secret of Two Generations"

The Huntik Foundation Italian HQ, formerly known as the Huntik Foundation Compound, is the main base for the Huntik Foundation in Venice, Italy. It contains a large library and a training ring, used for teaching new Seekers. Klaus was kept in the basement here during his time as a statue.


The compound was used by Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill to conduct research about the Legendary Titan, Araknos. After meeting Clease, they learnt that Simon Judeau had last been sighted at the compound madly shouting at Eathon Lambert to be his dog. S1E24

The compound eventually became known as the official Italian headquarters for the Foundation. Numerous operatives including Metz gathered in the library where Zhalia Moon invoked King Basilisk and turned Klaus back from stone so that he could help them find Void. S2E32

Den Fears was trained here under the guidance of Clease. After getting increasingly frustrated at the constant studying and difficult exercises, Den walked out but accidentally caused Clease to knock down all the shelves of books, much to the sadness of Sophie. Den then helped to clean up the mess and resumed studying, following his being asked to join the Huntik team. Lok and Den later studied here. S2E36


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