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Huntik Magazine is a comic book series based on Huntik: Secrets & Seekers. It was released monthly in Italy and Europe by Tridimensional S.r.l. and Kappa Edizioni, beginning in March 2009. Each issue consisted of a new comic book story, accompanied by character profiles, features on a specific Titan type, fact files on real-life legends and historical locations in a Place of Mystery section, and several exclusive posters or gifts. It also allowed readers to send in their own Titan ideas to which the artists would draw their idea which would then be shown in the Your own Titans section.

Comics List

01. The School of Mystery
02. The Titan of the Forest
03. The Fire of Georgiopolis
04. The Treasures of Alexandria
05. The Carnival of Deception
06. Island of the Titans
07. The Headless Horseman
08. The Curse of Venice
09. Grand Dragon Leviathan
10. Mission to Skara Brae
11. Seekers of Ys
12. The Lost City of Casterwill
13. The Secret of the Flying Dutchman
14. Cerberus
15. The Titan of the Stage
16. The Bulls of Pamplona
17. The Power of Kronos
18. The Guardian of Yonaguni
19. The Mystery of Shadowing (unpublished)
20. Unnamed comic (planned, cancelled)


  • The magazine often featured free gifts including two exclusive Panini miniatures, the first being Cherit in Issue 01, and the second being Gareon in Issue 07. An exclusive Willblade sword was included with Issue 18.