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The Categorization Policy on the Huntik Wiki is intended to make the categorization system be logical and easy to follow. Please remember that articles added to a category are considered to be a subset of that category.

Creating Categories

New categories should only be created if a community consensus has been reached. To request a new category or a new set of categories, users should create and highlight a new forum thread under the Projects and Future Updates board.

Newly created categories must be categorized (or subcategorized) into the existing categorization system. Categories should never be left blank and often include navigation templates.

Adding Categories

When possible, the addition of a new category to a page should be accompanied by editing the article's contents. Editing numerous articles for the sole purpose of adding categories, especially prior to a community consensus, may be assumed to be badge abuse.

Category Sets

Sets of categories must be applied consistently to the entire wiki. For instance, if spells were to be categorized based upon episode appearance, then so must all Titans, Seekers, non-Seekers, locations, and items. As a whole set would have to be approved for implementation, no portion of a set should be added without community consensus.

Naming Conventions

The same format (grammatical structure and capitalization) must be used throughout any category sets. For instance, all galleries are categorized in the format of Category:Images by -subject-, and none in the format of Category:-Subject- images. Categories should use correct capitalization and only capitalize proper nouns. Names also should correspond to the names used on articles.

Image Categories

Image category galleries should only be used for images. Image category names are identical to the article name for non-group subjects (i.e. Category:Lok Lambert for images of Lok Lambert).

Location Categories

Locations such as cities, countries, and continents should appear only as categories. A short description or summary of the location should be included, but the majority of information should be on the individual location articles.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.