Deletion is the process of removing articles or files from the wiki. Users may request that a page be deleted by adding the {{delete|<reason>}} template. Pages requested for deletion in this manner are automatically added to Category:Candidates for deletion.

An admin will respond to the request to see if the page indeed requires deletion. Those with a useful version in the page history may simply be reverted instead of deleted outright. In general, pages which are deleted fall under one or more of the following parameters.

Deletion Parameters

  1. Content which violates the Terms of Use
  2. Pages created as pure vandalism
  3. Pages with no meaningful content
  4. Inappropriate content
  5. Off-topic pages
  6. Test pages
  7. Content reposted from a prior deletion
  8. Broken redirects
  9. Duplicate images
  10. Empty, non-administrative categories
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